Thursday, May 29, 2014

Transparent Symphony of Mount Kailash and Mansarover Lake

Whenever we talk about reverie of Kailash and Mansarover the first thing that clicks our mind is its spiritual importance and various religious incidents Perched perfectly at an elevation of 6,690 meters above sea level Mount Kailasha

is surrounded by ever celestial Mansarover Lake and western Tibetan Himalayas.
It is not a choice of doubt to understand that it is amongst the most designated pilgrimage centers around world where different sect of devotes from different call of religions comes here and practice their rituals under their lines of norms and virtue.
Located within the boundaries of Himalayas a walk here would make you feel like you have moved out of the time as its serenity has different opulence and the splendid atmosphere of the site carries different world in itself.
For Buddhist, Hindus and Jainism follower the place is a significant landmark and throughout the year they come here to practice pilgrimage and as they a visit here would complement the purpose of salvation. Although it is very hard to contemplate with their words but if you could feel the vibe and bliss of solitary within than their words actually relates some fact because a walk here is not less than a walk to golden retreat.
According to Jain texts the site is revered as Mount Ashtapada and it is believed that the first Jain Trithankara gained nirvana within here. As per the Buddhist mythology and inscription Mount Kailash was home to Buddha Demchok and the surrounding site was the seat of Dorge Phangmo. Now talking about Hindu Mythology than Mount Kailash is believed to be spiritual core of Lord Shiva who is believed to be sole power of universe.
Now when we talk about the sanctum of Kailash it becomes very important for us to talk about the presence of Mansarover Lake because from here you would enter the gates of Mount Kailash. Mansarover in general is 90 meters deep waterlogged relief which is situated at an elevation of around 4556 m above from the sea level.

Traveler must understand the fact that it is one of the ancient lakes of the world and the transcendental beauty of the lake is bounded by Mount Kailash, Mount Gurala Mandhata, Lake Rakshas and majestic hilly areas from all the four corners.
To quote the importance of the lake we can take an instance of rivers like Indus, Brahmaputra, Karnali and Sutlej as they all generates their source from the glaciers of Mansarover. According to people the water of lake is consider being sacred and has healing power in it. Although the cosmic call of the lake sounds contradictory but if you will witness the numbers coming here than you would force your mind to believe the fact that it has power to salvage your soul.
Traveler must come here at least once in their life to participate in Kailash Mansarover yatra which comes knocking during the months of May – September.
How to Reach
Traveler can reach Mount Kailash by taking flights from New Delhi or else they can opt for bus services. It has been witnessed many of the travelers flies from Kathmandu and then travels here via road.


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